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How to buy cost-effective hang ironing machine

Add Time:2015-08-13

How to choose the high ratio of performance to hang ironing machine, is a practical science.Right, hang high quality hot function to bring your clothes better care and maintenance, at the same time also can bring more health to your family's convenient fashion life.Today, the small make up aiming at the problem of "how to pick hang ironing machine" to you friend discuss the love of learning.

1. Choose professional manufacturing hang ironing machine brand

Big brand production hang ironing machine is not necessarily the best, should choose to focus on pressing technology research and hang ironing machine manufacturing professional brand, common hang ironing machine brands on the market at present basically has 25 wah kwong, midea, philips, haier, fly, and so on.These professional brands, in general the quality is reliable, and has good service guarantee, there are national compulsory certification marks.

2. Hang ironing machine pan bravery

Now hang ironing machine pan bile mainly has four kinds: plastic, copper, aluminum and stainless steel tank.At present is the widespread use of the stainless steel tank, stainless steel tank, cheaper and more stable, not easy to rust, steam pressure, is not easy to fouling, long service life.

3. Choose your required functionality

Now on the market of hang ironing machine, function is not only confined to the ironing, more clean, humidification, sterilization function that divide mite, also have a variety of regulation and gear, matching different steam and steam temperature according to different fabrics, can choose according to personal clothing ironing preferences.For example uh guano electrical nine precision adjustment hang ironing machineWY5060-HHave, set up nine steam size adjustment, any delicate fabric, can be easily ironing.

4. Whether product detail design is perfect

Hang ironing machine iron brush when use, often have dripping phenomenon influence ironing effect, choose a can prevent condensation water of steam ironing machine is a good choice.At the same time also should pay attention to the design of the iron brush, had better choose panel iron brush without bolt, soft dress does not hurt.At the same time, the water tank cleaning filter design, the host has drainage design is crucial, whether can effectively prevent the hot pot scale, improve the service life of the machine.

5. Will it be convenient for use

Use convenient hang ironing machine, makes the ironing freely, in the face of piles of clothes, also can be solved easily.Handle steam control design, for example, you can leave out frequent bent to shutdown or regulation;The line in intelligent switch, foot switch on, intelligent, efficient energy.

6. Want to see the appearance and color

Choose color you like and suitable for your room, fully conforms to the household style.

Buy hang ironing machine, try to buy, the hearts of hua such professional manufacturing hang ironing machine big brand, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

Ok, that is small make up the use of insight and experience sharing, the hope can give everybody to help.